Washington columnist suggests Bryce Harper will hit the Warehouse this week

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May 28, 2013

The Washington Nationals franchise has made its mark on Eutaw Street. Two of the three longest Eutaw Street home runs in Camden Yards history have been hit by Henry Rodriguez (443 feet) and Adam Dunn (442 feet), playing for the Expos and Nationals, respectively. 

Now Washington Examiner columnist Thom Loverro thinks Bryce Harper, bum knee and all, will put a Nationals player at the top of the list - beating even Lance Berkman's 444-foot homer - by hitting the Warehouse, possibly as soon as this week.

From Loverro:

It's got Harper's name written all over it. They might as well order the plaque now. Sooner or later, he is going to hit that warehouse.

Why not Wednesday or Thursday, when the Nationals face the Orioles at Camden Yards?

Bursitis in his left knee, you say, will stop him? He's going to sit for a few games?

That's what they created the designated hitter for.

It's not the first time Harper will see the warehouse. He was in the lineup last June when the Nationals went to Baltimore. But he was still a wide-eyed, 19-year-old rookie then, and while we said we expected great things, we really didn't have an idea that we were watching a player capable of great things any time he steps on the field or up to the plate.


Harper may have a bum knee. But he also has stage presence. Hitting the warehouse is a Broadway show.

The location of Dunn's homer, which hugged the right-field line on June 28, 2009, made his shot more of a threat to reach the Warehouse's brick facade than did the Rodriguez blast to right-center field on June 17, 1997, which came during the first-ever round of Interleague play. Rodriguez's homer hit the canopy of Boog's Barbecue. It came two days after he hit a 525-foot home run in Montreal's Olympic Stadium.

Lots of batters have the potential to hit the Warehouse at Camden Yards. Loverro rightly points out that Sam Horn boasted that he would do so during his time in Baltimore. Said Horn after Mickey Tettleton became the first player to reach Eutaw Street on April 20, 1992: "When I hit one really good, I'll hit the warehouse. I may not be the first to do it and I don't want to talk too much, but I will be putting in my effort."

I went on the record in a MASN post last June with my belief that Chris Davis would be the first player to hit the Warehouse. Head and heart say an Orioles player will do it, and Davis is the most likely candidate. Davis hit three Eutaw Street home runs last season, including the record-setting ninth Eutaw Street home run of 2012.

I'd argue that Harper, on the other hand, isn't even the most likely player visiting Camden Yards this week to hit the Warehouse. Prince Fielder gets the nod in my mind, especially if he turns on a Kevin Gausman heater on Sunday.

As for Harper doing it this week? That's a clown suggestion, bro.


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