About Roar from 34

Founder: Matt Taylor (Contact me: roarfrom34 at gmail dot com; Twitter: @roarfrom34)

Tagline: Humor. History. Homerism. Since 2006. 

History: Founded in 2006, Roar from 34 (RF34) is one of the longest-running Baltimore Orioles blogs. It features a fan's perspective with a journalist's commitment to factual accuracy. 

RF34 provides updates about the team throughout the season along with recurring features like The Eutaw Street Chronicles and Flashback Fridays. The Eutaw Street Chronicles tell the story behind home runs that have reached Eutaw Street at Camden Yards. Flashback Fridays look back on team history, often with a tie to current events. 

The name Roar from 34 derives from the infamous Section 34 Rowdies at Memorial Stadium who were led by the patron saint of Orioles baseball, Wild Bill Hagy. Hagy is the only fan to be inducted into the Orioles Hall of Fame, and his Rowdies were the essence of "Orioles Magic" in both spirit and song: "When the game is close, and the O's are hot, there's a thundering Roar from 34 to give it all they've got." I was too young to be a Rowdy myself, but those fans are part of Baltimore baseball lore.

Roar from 34 was the first independent blog to be credentialed to work in the Camden Yards press box. Roar from 34 has been part of the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network's (MASN) guest blogging program since 2011.