Chris Davis hits 59th Eutaw Street home run in Camden Yards history

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Chris Davis

Roch Kubatko called it \"an absolute bomb.\" Domenic Vadala of Birds Watcher described it as a \"moon shot.\" Watching the game at home, I wondered if Chris Davis\'s seventh-inning blast Saturday night had reached the Warehouse. Turns out the lefty slugger\'s first Eutaw Street home run was higher than it was deep. The 418-foot homer does not even rank among the top-15 longest drives on Eutaw Street.

Looks can be deceiving. See for yourself.

Davis\'s blast was some 24 feet short of Adam Dunn\'s drive to that same corner on June 28, 2009, which is the homer that came to mind most immediately for me. Dunn, like Davis, one-hopped the Warehouse. His is the third-longest Eutaw Street home run after Lance Berkman in 2011 (444 feet) and Henry Rodriguez in 1997 (443 feet). In terms of distance, Davis\'s homer ranks 19th overall behind Mo Vaughn\'s 419-foot shoot off Scott Erickson in 1996.

Davis\'s homer came just three days after Eric Thames\' Eutaw Street home run, which ties the record for shortest amount of time between Eutaw Street home runs by an Orioles players and a member of the visiting team. Brady Anderson of the Orioles (April 27, 1996) and Paul O\'Neill of the Yankees (April 30, 1996) also had just three days between their Eutaw Street homers. Nick Markakis (June 14, 2008) and Lance Berkman, then of the Astros, (June 18, 2008) took four days between their respective Eutaw Street home runs.

The shortest time between consecutive Eutaw Street home runs by an Orioles player is one inning (Rafael Palmeiro, April 11, 1997). The shortest time between consecutive Eutaw Street home runs by a visiting player is one day (Jason Giambi, Yankees, May 27 and May 28, 2008).


(April 30, 2012)


Thanks for the correction

Submitted by Roar from 34 on Mon, 2012-05-07 08:40.

Thanks for the correction. I've edited the post.

Good stuff. Lance Berkman

Submitted by SeanP (not verified) on Tue, 2012-05-01 15:25.

Good stuff. Lance Berkman played for the Astros in 2008 though, he was a Yankee in 2010.

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