Who are the All-Time Pitchers Who Raked for the Baltimore Orioles?


Milt Pappas, Baltimore Orioles

A Baltimore Orioles Pitcher Who Raked

Baltimore Orioles fans have seen Chris Davis and Jesus Sucre take the mound this season. Position players who pitch. It’s become common enough to draw a tsk-tsk from ESPN’s Buster Olney; nevertheless, enough novelty remains that alerts are sent on Twitter, and fans tune in for otherwise uninteresting games to see what happens.

Despite his spot appearances in 2012 and 2019, Chris Davis does not have pitcher listed among his positions on Baseball Reference. If you don’t conduct your search carefully enough on that site’s Play Index, however, the batter formerly known as Crush appears as the Orioles’ all-time pitcher who rakes.

Who really owns the honor of top pitcher who raked in Baltimore?

Check the five spot in the image below. It’s Milt Pappas, a (full-time) pitcher who raked in the pre-DH era of American League baseball.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 12.42.43 PM

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Frank Robinson Friday: Recalling The Judge’s Four-Hit Games in Baltimore

Frank Robinson, Baltimore Orioles 1970 Baseball Card
I had some fun with Joey Rickard’s four-hit game versus the Tampa Bay Rays in a Roar From 34 post earlier today. Doing the research for that post provided me the opportunity to review Frank Robinson’s four-hit games in Baltimore, which are the subject of this week’s Frank Robinson Friday.

The Judge had a four-hit game on six different occasions for the Baltimore Orioles.

Robinson homered in each of those six games. He had a multi-homer game in two of the six, first versus the Tigers in 1966 and again versus the Yankees in 1970.

Given a time machine but forced to select one date, I would find myself in Memorial Stadium on July 8, 1970, to witness Robinson’s two-homer effort against the New York Yankees. It included a home run leading off the ninth inning that initiated a three-run, game-winning rally for the Orioles.

And yes, Robinson is one of Baltimore’s FHAAT Boys.


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Joey Rickard Joins Elite Company for the Baltimore Orioles

A Post In Which I Combine Stats to Make Joey Rickard Historically Significant

Joey Rickard Baserunner of the YearHave yourself a night, Joey Rickard.

The Baltimore Orioles right fielder collected four hits, including the game winner, on Friday night in St. Pete, which surely inspired at least one of the 9,081 Tampa Bay fans in attendance (I like to think it was the 9,081st fan) to ask, “Didn’t we have that guy at some point?”

Ahhh, Joey Rickard.

Rickard, the 2015 Minor League Base Runner of the Year, enjoyed a brief, intense love affair with Baltimore fans after slugging his way onto the roster in 2016. We cheered rather than booed that guy on Opening Day.

We’ve had some good times with Joey, baby.

If Rickard had the makings of a Baltimore legend then, well, consider that legend made now. A mere three years later, Joey Rickard has joined the Baltimore Orioles’ esteemed FHAAT Boys Club.

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Frank Robinson Friday: The Future Hall of Famer Wasn’t Bowled Over by News of His Trade to the Baltimore Orioles

Frank Robinson StatueThe Baltimore Orioles will honor the life of the late Frank Robinson prior to Saturday’s game against the New York Yankees. “A Celebration of Frank” is one of several ways that the franchise is remembering one of its greatest players in 2019.

The O’s are wearing commemorative “20” patches on their jerseys this season, and the Orioles Charitable Foundations is donating a total of $60,000 to civil right and African American museums.

Here at Roar From 34, I’ll have Frank Robinson Fridays throughout the season in place of my traditional Flashback Fridays. One way to honor the Orioles great, especially for fans who never saw him play, is to learn more about him.

The focus of this first Frank Robinson Friday is how he reacted to news of his trade to the Baltimore Orioles.

Frank Robinson posted a .296/.386/.540 slash line for the Cincinnati Reds in 1965 with 33 homers and 113 RBI. The All-Star finished 18th in MVP voting after previously winning the award following the 1961 season. He posted a 5.1 WAR. Still, as he entered his third decade, he had been labeled “an old 30” and became part of the “best trade in Orioles history.”

So how did the man himself react to the trade?

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Your Answers for #OsMadLibs: What’s Strange About Mike Wright is ….

Chris Davis and Mike Wright

Original image: Norm Schimmel

The concept for #OsMadLibs is a simple one. I take a comment that is made during the Orioles radio broadcast and remove some words. O’s fans then fill in the blank with their own creative takes via Twitter.

Things got off to a strong start during the Orioles‘ home opener on Thursday.

The MadLib, based on a Jim Hunter comment, was as follows:


“What’s strange about Mike Wright is _____________________.”

Here are the responses from Orioles Twitter.

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What are the Unwritten Rules for Booing Baseball Players?

Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles

Chris Davis photo credit: Norm Schimmel

Baltimore Orioles human Rorschach test Chris Davis got booed multiple times on Opening Day at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. You know how the saying goes: “Boo me once, shame on you. Boo me twice, shame on me.”

Actually, I made that saying up. It’s like an unwritten rule of baseball. Repeat it enough, it catches on, and before long people are saying it without really thinking about whether it makes sense in the first place.

If you struggle to locate the logic and consistency in the unwritten rules of baseball, BUCKle Up for the unwritten rules of fan behavior.

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I Can’t Believe, Today is Opening Day

There’s something about Opening Day for the Baltimore Orioles that speaks to the musical side of me. What can I say? I wake up on Opening Day with a song in my heart. Several in fact.

I shared my Opening Day Playlist a few years ago. This year’s selection is … less traditional. Just imagine Ice Cube as an Orioles fan getting ready to hop on the Light Rail and head down to Camden Yards. As I said, less traditional.

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