Bird is the Word

A collection of Birds-related quotes from around Spring Training

Compiled by Matthew Taylor

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Eutaw Street?

Hopefully it’s not the cornerstone.

“Just a building block. You don’t really put much on it.”

Steve Trachsel after a rough first outing for the O’s; 3 runs, four hits, one walk .

Neither team is exactly “The King of the World.”

“I was watching on the computer as the tickets were being sold and it looked like the Titanic going down. It was amazing.”

Dave Rosenfeld, GM of the Norfolk Admirals, on ticket sales for an O’s – Nats exhibition game at the minor league stadium.

Now that’s news: The Angelos family actually has a heart.

‘‘It was amazing to see the quick response … The Orioles will give him VIP treatment.”

Erik Scheidhauer, talking about his communication with the Orioles, which resulted in the team granting a spring training trip for his 4-year-old neighbor who has an incurable illness.

B-Rob’s Mob Mentality.

“There were days last year where I couldn’t even take batting practice because I needed to save some of my bullets for the game.”

Brian Roberts shares what he learned from last season.

It’s nice to know he still cares.

“Of course I’d like to do well against them, any team. But I’d like to do well against them. But I think it’s just more anxious to get out there and get the first one out and that’s about it.”

John Maine says he’d like to play well against the O’s.

O’s pitching makes me nauseous for a different reason.

“I’m sitting there getting nauseous listening to this thing. I kept waiting for him to throw a pitch and just drop on the mound.”

-Former Orioles great and current Bowie Pitching Coach Scott McGregor on the snapping scapula of Birds prospect Radhames Liz.

Does this mean Metallica concerts are out as well?

“I have a couple glasses of wine here and there, but I used to go out and drink 20 beers and stay up until 5, 6 o’clock in the morning. I’m in bed, at the latest, by midnight. One o’clock is way past my bedtime.”

Sir Sidney, in a highly quotable newspaper story, says he’s a changed man.

There’s no “I” in crap.

“I think this is Kevin’s battle. I don’t think anyone else really gives a crap.”

Chris Gomez responds to Kevin Millar’s effort to generate a change in the team’s grooming policy.

These days Flanny prefers “Deal or No Deal.”

“Actually, 1983 is the last time this organization was really happy. We were so close and loose, smart about the game, beating clubs with more talent. We lost the first game of the ’83 ALCS. The next night it’s 7:28 p.m. The TV announcers were saying, ‘Where are the Orioles? They’re not on the field yet. They must be in disarray after losing Game 1.’ We were at the door of the clubhouse, packed together, watching ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ We’re yelling, ‘Pick a vowel!’ Finally, somebody figured out the puzzle and we all barreled out the door.”

Mike Flanagan reminisces about the ’83 O’s.

Coming out swinging.

“If you’re in that clubhouse and you don’t think this team is vastly different and vastly improved, you’re crazy.”

Jim Duquette makes his case for the team’s off-season moves.


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