¿Quién es más macho?

Bullpen boo Birds jeer Baez; What if he looked like Eric Davis?

By Matthew Taylor

With apologies to Steve Kline, I’m curious if Danys Baez has worked his way up to – or even past – Terry Mathews to become the O’s reliever who generates the most visceral reaction from fans after the bullpen gates open up.

Baez is now earning the kind of response at the Yard that was (sadly) once reserved for Mathews.

Consider The Post’s report on the recent series against the Jays:

“The two sounds Danys Baez heard Thursday night surely will ring in his sleep, worse than most nightmares. One was the deafening crack of his flat sinker off the bat of Alex Rios. The other was the boos that cascaded from every corner of Oriole Park at Camden Yards before, during and after Baez took the mound in the 10th inning.”

Oriole Magic started its own “Danys Baez Stinks Discussion” after that game.

All of this “love” for Baez brought to mind the 1997 ALDS when Terry Mathews was forcefully booed while entering a game against the Mariners.

Roch Kubatko of The Sun attended that playoff game. So did I. Fortunately, I didn’t have to write a post-game reaction story about Mathews. Roch did, as
he explained last season in his blog entry about “Worst Orioles Pitcher Ever.”

Mathews related the fans’ reaction to his plus-size weight and called to mind the physique of Eric Davis. O’s fans then fell all over themselves apologizing, sending Mathews cards and gift baskets.

So, ¿Quién es más macho: Danys Baez or Terry Mathews?


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