Who Let the Blogs Out?

Which Oriole do you want to hear from in the Blog-O’s-phere?

By Matthew Taylor

Curtis Granderson made news this weekend when the following suggestive posting appeared on his MySpace page: “Sorry I was so loud last night. Can’t wait to see you again.”

Like too many news stories these days, it was a classic case of much ado about nothing. The female poster was referring to a cell phone conversation, not a romantic tryst. A-Rod he is not.

Nevertheless, the Kansas City Star used the occasion to discuss Major Leaguers who are utilizing the Internet to market themselves and/or communicate outside of the narrow parameters of the MSM sound byte. Curt Schilling’s “38 Pitches” of course factored into the conversation, as did Kevin Youkilis’s new online effort.

But aside from the Not Quite As Evil Empire, no AL East players are represented in the blogosphere (although Brooks Robinson did some blogging last season). In fact, few players are mixing it up online.

Marinerds counts just 11 MLB bloggers for the 2007 season: Granderson, Schilling, Youkilis, Pat Neshek, CJ Wilson, Nate Robertson, John Lackey, Akinori Otsuka, Geoff Jenkins, John Rodriguez, and J.A. Happ. For some perspective, our site links to 15 other fan blogs about the O’s alone.

It’s clearly time for the players to pick up the slack, which got me thinking about potential Birds Blogs …

-“Silent Sluggers – Albert and Eddie.” Updated: Never

-“Allow Me to Explain – The Bullpen Musings of Danys Baez.”

-“The Hot Seat Hangout.” (Sam Perlozzo)

-“More Than Just BBQ.” (Boog Powell)

-“Big Before Bonds.” (Brady Anderson)

-“Finger Wagging Frankness.” (Rafael Palmeiro)

-“Drunk Before Noon … and After.” (Sidney Ponson)

-“No Hablo Ingles, Your Honor.” (Sammy Sosa)

-“Jockeying for Position.” (Jim Palmer)

-“Here it Comes, and There it Goes.” (Scott McGregor)

-“Take My Wife, Please.” (Kris Benson)

-“On the Bump with Bump.” (Bump Hadley, St. Louis Browns)

Do you have your own ideas for Birds Blogs? Post them in the comments section for this entry.


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2 Responses to Who Let the Blogs Out?

  1. Why did I demanded 35 cents back from the city of Baltimore when my parking meter malfuctioned? It’s the Peter Principle! aka The Angelos How-To Blog for Chincy Almost-Billionaires.

  2. Give the old guy some credit; if he hadn’t demanded that 35 cents he would have to raise ticket prices at Camden Yards. He was just thinking of the fans. Thanks for the comment, Wayward O.

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