With Apologies to Dave Trembley

Thankfully, Dave Trembley doesn’t read Roar from 34

by Matthew Taylor

“Trembley is a walking, talking example that nearly impossible dreams can come true. He is one of just seven men with no pro baseball playing experience to manage in the big leagues since 1900.”

-Sean Kernan, Daytona Beach News-Journal

Back in June, when the O’s were pursuing Joe Girardi to replace Sam Perlozzo, I ridiculed Dave Trembley’s optimistic outlook on his job prospects: “I wasn’t told that I’m the interim manager, and I’m not expecting that.”

Nearly two months later, Trembley no longer has the “interim” in front of his name, and he’s restoring a sense of optimism for Birds fans.

Just ask the folks at Camden Chat, who are pining for a .500 record and a third place finish in the AL East: “Dave Trembley, you son of a son of a gun, you. Your Orioles have me believing — kind of.”

It’s not exactly “Why Not?” stuff happening in Baltimore these days, but it’s at least a step in the right direction. The team, like the fans, seems to believe there’s something left to play for, and there’s even Cy Young talk surrounding the staff ace.

In short, it’s starting to be fun to watch the Orioles again. At least, that is, until the bullpen takes over a game.

Sean Kernan pays tribute to the O’s skipper, and his long path to managing in the majors, in the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Kud-O’s, Dave Trembley.


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3 Responses to With Apologies to Dave Trembley

  1. somehow, some way, trembO seems to have the right stuff.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Trembley should get the job for next year, too. He knows the game and he knows the players. He handles the media well. He’s paid his dues and wants nothing more than to help the team that brought him to the majors.

  3. It’s hard to argue against Trembley. He’s making a very strong case to keep the job beyond this year. The O’s are actually competing like they have something to play for, which is no small task.

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