A Reliever Worth Bragging About

Okay, it was more than 40 years ago, but it still counts

By Matthew Taylor

“Dick Hall is a Baltimore institution, like crab cakes. He is six feet six inches tall and forty years old, and he pitches with an awkward, side-wise motion that suggests a man feeling under his bed for a lost collar stud. He throws a sneaky fast ball and never, or almost never, walks batters.”
The New Yorker (October 1970)

Back in 1963 the Orioles had a relief pitcher who was actually worth bragging about.

On this date in history, Aug. 17, 1963, Dick Hall retired his 28th batter in a row, pitching the relief equivalent of a no-hitter plus one. Halls’s no-hit run began on July 24th and covered five games.

The Birds won the game against the Kansas City Athletics, 6-1. Check out the box score to see Hall’s streak and Jackie Brandt‘s heroics.

Hall would give up two hits in his next appearance, a 7-4 win over the Angels four days later.


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