More About the Bullpen

It’s not just about Randor Bierd, but he remains an intriguing prospect

by Matthew Taylor

On the heels of Roar from 34’s most recent posting – “Profiling the Pen: Randor Bierd” – the bullpen continues to be a hot topic of O’s-related discussion. Both The Sun and The Post wrote about the unit on Tuesday, with The Post using Bierd as its focus.

My favorite parts of The Sun’s article are Dave Trembley’s assessment of last year’s bullpen experience – “It wasn’t tough, it was miserable” – and the final rundown on the misery produced once we got past the starters:

The Orioles lost leads in 120 of 162 games last year and dropped 16 games in which they led after the seventh inning. Orioles relievers — and 21 different ones were used — finished last season with a 5.71 ERA, the second worst in the major leagues and the fifth highest over the past 51 seasons.

Meanwhile, The Post continues the conversation about Bierd’s mystery pitch:

Meantime, Bierd has emerged as one of the most intriguing candidates for a bullpen slot.

‘He’s got a little deception which helps and hitters don’t take good swings off him,’ Kranitz said. ‘I think he’s an interesting guy, no question. He’s come in and for a guy who’s just played in Double-A, he’s got some moxie about him.’

Bierd, Baltimore’s choice in the Rule 5 draft, hasn’t allowed a run in three appearances since surrendering two runs in his first spring outing on Feb. 29.

‘Randor Bierd has been a very pleasant surprise,’ Trembley said. ‘He has a swing and miss pitch for a young guy, he’s come in some situations that he’s thrown strikes, shown very good focus. He’s got a little deceptiveness in his arm action.’

On Monday, he worked out of trouble against the Los Angeles Dodgers with a pair of strikeouts. One came on his so-called mystery pitch; he maintains it is simply a very good change-up with movement.

‘Some people say, ‘You can throw a split,’ ‘ he said. ‘But it’s a change-up. Straight change.’


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