Saying Nothing but Good Things About the Yankees

by Matthew Taylor

Speaking of Matters Serious …

Division rivals or not, the Yankees organization demonstrated a lot of class on Tuesday with its visit to Virginia Tech for an exhibition game. A friend – and fellow O’s fan – who works at Virginia Tech mentioned the visit to me several weeks ago and spoke of how much it means to the University. Kudos to the Yankees.

“From beginning to end, the visit Yankees owner George Steinbrenner promised moments after seeing the tragedy unfolding on television last April 16 was one to remember.

The Yankees had made a $1 million contribution to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, created to cover grief counseling, memorials and other costs for the victims and their families after Virginia Tech student Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people in two campus buildings before committing suicide.

The Yankees presented the donation to school president Charles Steger last May in New York, but said the visit to Blacksburg was a key part of the assistance.

Rodriguez said starting out at the on-campus memorial was powerful.

‘There are certain things that happen that are so devastating that time stops,’ he said, comparing the shootings to the terrorists attacks in 2001. ‘For me, this is one of them. This is probably the proudest day I’ve ever [had] to wear a Yankee uniform.’

Hearing that, Hokies coach Pete Hughes said, ‘knocks you on your heels.'”

Is anyone familiar with efforts that the O’s and/or Nationals (beyond sporting VT hats) have made to support the Virginia Tech community? If so, post the info in the comments section.

and Those in Fun …

“We understand that you have an agreement with the Houston Astros organization and wish you much success in the future. However, if your situation changes and you are willing to relocate to the North Alabama area we would like to offer you the opportunity to join our staff.”

So begins a letter from the Huntsville Stars Minor League club to Rogers Clemens. I’ll appreciate the Yankees in a completely different way if Clemens takes the Huntsville Stars up on its offer to work as the team’s mascot.

“If he accepts the offer, Clemens, as ‘Rocket,’ would dress as an astronaut and interact with fans and assist in on-field promotions during the team’s 70-game home schedule when Homer the Polecat is not available.

Rogers said that Clemens’ contract in Huntsville might not be as lucrative as his former Major League contracts, but it would contain incentives.

In addition to his $25 per game salary, he would receive meal vouchers redeemable at the concession stands for one hotdog and one soft drink each night, and a 15 percent employee discount at our team’s souvenir store, The Backstop Shop.”

The full invitation letter to Clemens is posted on the Stars’ web site.


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1 Response to Saying Nothing but Good Things About the Yankees

  1. In total agreement about the Yankees — hope you guys are well, and let’s hope for a good season…- Anthony, the Oriole Post

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