The View from the Pacific Northwest

A quick look at what the fans are saying out in Seattle

by Matthew Taylor

It’s fitting that the forecast calls for rain as we prepare to welcome our friends from Seattle. Thankfully, we’ve got the good Adam Jones, so we don’t have to worry about any efforts to “make it rain.”

Here’s a look at what some Seattle Mariner bloggers are saying as we head into an intriguing weekend series with familiar faces in new places for both teams.

Bleeding Blue and Teel

“I was really looking forward to watching Bedard strikeout former Mariner outfield prospect Adam Jones, but unfortunately I’ll be out of town this weekend and unable to watch the games. Enjoy the series!”

Look Out Landing

Well thank god we missed Steve Trachsel named Jarrod Washburn the 4th starter over Miguel Batista because otherwise we might have had the misfortune of being forced to witness a Trachsel-Batista matchup, a game sure to rival only curtain shopping with a woman in terms of pointless standing around waiting for something to happen.

Luis Hernandez makes me embarrassed for Oriole fans. Adam Jones makes me homicidally angry. Nick Markakis makes me drool. The Orioles outfield is solid with a legit star in Markakis, a solid Jones and a unspectacular Scott, who’s likely to find himself exposed against southpaws as a full time player.

Rally Fried

The schedule-making gods sure smiled on the Mariners this season. First the Rangers, then the Orioles, followed by the Rays. How long will it be until the M’s start facing some real baseball teams?

And finally, this one’s not a Series preview, but Mariner Housewife offers some thoughts about O’s fans in light of the Bedard trade.

The one thing I have gained from this experience is a deep and abiding respect for Orioles fans. It’s bad enough to be in the same division as attention hogs like Boston and New York, but then this guy comes along and ruins any good that was left. I mean, we may get mad at Bavasi, but he can be fired, or he can resign. This Angelos guy is their owner. Those poor folks in Baltimore are stuck with him.


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