G-‘O’ Down Fighting

It’s a slogan that’s more determined than defeatist

by Matthew Taylor

The O’s rally for three runs in the 9th inning to defeat the Mariners, 3-2, and I’m thinking, “Cue the ‘Orioles Magic.'” Turns out that’s just what they did: “Sweet music to Orioles’ ears.”

So when a keyed-up Orioles team returned to the clubhouse after the inspiring victory, how did it celebrate? By blasting “Orioles Magic” as loud as it could on the clubhouse stereo.


Led by club DJ Kevin Millar and his stone-faced sidekick, “Master G” Jeremy Guthrie, several players got into the mood by banging their fists against the wooden dining table to the catchy rhythm.

“Orioles Magic, baby,” Millar howled. “First-place Orioles.”

And so the O’s spend another day in first place. This year, each of those days counts for something.

As the team searches for its identity, The Sun’s Dan Connolly has hit on what could well be the narrative for the 2008 season: “This team will lose its share and likely will finish last in the American League East, yet there’s a hint they will go down fighting, something we haven’t seen in years here.”

I’d have few problems with that storyline (Does it have to be last place, though? How about an inspired run that keeps us out of the cellar?), especially if it involves some spoiler games with the Red Sox and Yankees down the stretch.

Orioles Magic? Perhaps we should update the slogan for ’08.

G-‘O’ Down Fighting, Birds, G-‘O’ Down Fighting.


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