O’s and Nats: The Protons and Neutrons of Baseball

Teams produce opposite results when they play on the same day

by Matthew Taylor

You know about the O’s six-game win streak, but have you noticed the Beltway Baseball Streak taking shape during this young season?

On the five occasions so far when the Orioles (6-1) and Nationals (3-5) have both played on the same day, the two teams have produced opposite results all but once, that being their first shared game on April 2. Fortunately for O’s fans the Birds are on the positive side of the ledger thus far.

April 2

Orioles – Won vs. Tampa Bay, 9-6

Nationals – Won vs. Philadelphia, 1-0

April 4

Orioles – Won vs. Seattle, 7-4

Nationals – Lost vs. St. Louis, 5-4

April 5

Orioles – Won vs. Seattle, 6-4

Nationals – Lost vs. St. Louis, 5-4

April 6

Orioles – Won vs. Seattle, 3-2

Nationals – Lost vs. St. Louis, 3-0

April 7

Orioles – Won vs. Seattle, 5-4

Nationals – Lost vs. Florida, 10-7

That’s a four-game streak of opposite results “if you’re scoring at home – or even if you’re alone” (credit: Keith Olbermann).

In other Orioles news …

Jeff Zrbiec reports that one of Roar from 34’s favorite former O’s, Mark McLemore (he ranks among our Top Four utility players), is mentoring Adam Jones.


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