In Case You Were Wondering – Road Jerseys Edition

Booming attendance figures sure to decline now that “Baltimore” returning to team’s road jerseys

by Matthew Taylor

The big news this weekend for O’s fans trying to avert their eyes from obnoxious Red Sox fans at Camden Yards is the reported return of “Baltimore” to the team’s road jerseys. In case you were wondering, six of 30 MLB teams do not currently display a city name on their road jerseys.

You can see each MLB team’s jerseys on the National Baseball Hall of Fame’s “Dressed to the Nines” web page. Coincidentally enough, one of the randomly generated quotes on the Dressed to the Nines landing page comes from Brooks Robinson:

Putting on the Baltimore uniform for the first time sent chills tingling up and down my spine. Even when I put on that cap with the Oriole on it and checked in the mirror, I couldn’t quite believe that the reflection staring back at me was Brooks Robinson. … When I came down the final steps of the tunnel to the dugout and then out into the light of day, I stopped for just a second. There they were, the Baltimore Orioles, and here I was, one of them. If it hadn’t been for the uniforms, I’d have to pinch myself.

In the meantime, see if you can figure out where each the following teams is from:

-Orioles (Extra credit if you got this one.)

-Angels (Is it Los Angeles? Anaheim? Both?)

-Rays (Just make sure your guess doesn’t include the word “Devil.”)

-Brewers (Brilliant marketing; neutral road jersey surely attracts fans from Chicago, that baseball ghost town to the south.)

-Phillies (Perhaps the city’s name was stricken from the road unis as a sign of unity with their opponents from the ’83 Series? More likely, the team’s just embarrassed.)

-Cardinals (Could it be that the benevolent baseball team excluded the city name from its road jersey to avoid confusion with the town’s football team? That’s Arizona’s problem now.)

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