Throwback Night at Yankee Stadium

And I’m not talking about the Hall of Famers

by Matthew Taylor

Kud-“O”s to George Sherrill for a fine All-Star performance: 2 1/3 scoreless innings, 1 hit, 2 Ks. It would’ve been nice to see Sherrill get the win, and even better if the All-Stars sported “Sherrill Caps” afterward; yes, I was dreaming by the time the game ended.

For all the fine moments during this year’s All-Star celebration in New York, my personal favorite had nothing to do with home run derby blasts, Hall of Famers, Jonathan Papelbon getting booed and giving up the lead, or even on-field action for that matter. Instead, I appreciate the sense of humor displayed during Corey Hart’s at-bats when the Yankee Stadium PA played “Sunglasses at Night” by … Corey Hart. Talk about a throwback night.

On a separate note, Roar from 34 would like to welcome “Around the Harbor” to the blog-O’s-phere. Started on July 4, 2008, Around the Harbor describes itself as follows:

Who we are, hon.

This blog is dedicated to Maryland sports- that is, the Ravens, Orioles, University of Maryland, all things lacrosse, and anything else about the sports world that strikes our interest. Enjoy the informed commentary of three friends who often disagree (the statements of one of us do not necessarily represent the views of the others and are probably incorrect anyway), but we’ll our best to give an insightful and unbiased perspective on our wonderful “small-market” state.

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