Going Once, Going Twice … SOLD!

Passing the time on eBay during a rain delay

by Matthew Taylor

Did you find yourself looking to kill some time during Wednesday night’s rain delay? Was the company of Tom Davis and Billy Ripken on MASN not doing the trick for you? In the future, why not try a trip around eBay as you wait out the raindrops? Just search for “Baltimore Orioles” in “All Categories”; you’ll be amazed by the “values” you can find.

Perhaps bobble heads are your thing. Well good luck choosing between the Jay Gibbons (winning bid: $20.58) and Sidney Ponson (winning bid: $15.05) offerings. Seller fitm129ge explains:I am not a professional grader and don‘t play one on TV. I am just a collector of over 35 + years parting with a few treasures. ” Treasures indeed.

Are you a card collector or better yet a collector of rare Bird cards? Well you’ve come to the right place, my friend. Are you going to go with the ’69 Bill Dillman or the ’62 Ozzie Virgil (starting bid for each: 99 cents)?

Dillman played one season with the O’s (1967, not 1969, though he was still under contract), going 5-9 in 32 games with a 4.35 ERA. Virgil likewise played one season in Orange and Black or, more accurately, one game, issuing an intentional walk. When it comes to his O’s career, you can call him “Moonlight Virgil.”

Game-used bats are always an option. Hmmm … Whose lumber is more valuable to you: Luis Terrero’s (winning bid: $10.99; shipping: $12) or Al Bumbry’s (Buy It Now price: $175)?

From bats to hats, Gary Roenicke’s “game used” cap is up for grabs. It must be authentic because there’s a number 35 on the underside of the brim.

Still not in a buying mood? Maybe a novelty fan diploma will get you ready to “Charge!!!” There are no easy decisions on eBay, though: Would you rather let visitors to your home or office know that you’re “The World’s Biggest Orioles Fan” (Buy It Now: $4.48) or instead that you’ve “completed all the necessary courses of study required to become an official fan of the Baltimore Orioles” (Buy It Now: $2.99)?

Can we at least sell you a pennant? Are you more of a “slight discoloration” with “three pin holes in each corner” type shopper, or is your budget big enough to make room for “no pinholes” and a “sharp tip” with only “some yellowing due to its age”?

Clearly you’ve got options, O’s fans, but stay away from the fuzzy dice. I’ve got dibs on those.

[All images from eBay.]


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2 Responses to Going Once, Going Twice … SOLD!

  1. Yes! Yes! I love the ebay! So far this summer, I’ve purchased an Orioles cookbook, a license plate, a matchbox car, baseball cards, a postcard, and a much loved Orioles reversible bucket hat. I’m a total sucker! But now you’ve gone and told the others and I’ll have competition on my bids. Maybe that will keep me from buying as much. I guess I should say, “Thanks!” 😉

  2. Wow! I’m surprised there was anything Orioles-related left on eBay for me to look at. The question is, Do you have O’s fuzzy dice?

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