Double Trouble for O’s Opponents as Trio Makes History

Roberts, Huff, and Markakis are setting team records for two-baggers

by Matthew Taylor

The Orioles are making history in 2008. Believe it or not, it’s the good kind of history.

For only the second time in modern history, three Baltimore players will finish the season with 40 or more doubles: Brian Roberts, Aubrey Huff, and Nick Markakis.

After Tuesday night’s game, Roberts has 47 doubles, Huff has 45, and Markakis has 43. The only other trio since 1954 to record 40 or more doubles each was Roberto Alomar (43), Rafael Palmeiro (40), and Cal Ripken (40) in 1996.

Roberts, Huff, and Markakis have already eclipsed Alomar, Palmeiro, and Ripken in total doubles, and the individual team record of 51 doubles, set by Beau Bell 1937, is arguably still in reach for all three players. At the very least, Roberts, Huff, and Markakis should each finish 2008 in the top five in team history for doubles.

As for the highest total for two players combined, Roberts shares the current team high of 95 doubles, set in 2005, with Miguel Tejada. He will likely share the team high with someone other than Tejada by the end of 2008.

The list of modern Oriole players to hit more than 40 doubles in a season includes the following:


Roberts – 47

Huff – 45

Markakis – 43


Roberts – 42

Markakis – 43


Roberts – 45

Tejada – 50


Roberts – 50

Tejada – 40


DeShields – 43


Palmeiro – 40

Alomar – 43

Ripken – 40


Ripken – 46


Ripken – 47

***UPDATE: In response to Matt’s question in the comments section, the overall MLB record for doubles in a season belongs to Boston’s Earl Webb, who hit 67 in 1931. Joe Medwick of St. Louis holds the NL record with 64 in 1936. However, Brian Roberts’ personal best of 50 doubles is the American League record for doubles by a switch hitter.


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1 Response to Double Trouble for O’s Opponents as Trio Makes History

  1. Matt says:

    Is the 51 doubles an O’s record or overall record?

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