Baseball Cards, Bandwagon Fans, and Hot Stove Rumors

Just another trip around the blogO’sphere

by Matthew Taylor

Billy Ripken and Sammy Sosa? Must be another baseball card list. This one – the 15 funniest baseball cards ever – comes courtesy of The Max.

Other interesting blog posts:

-Konerko to the Orioles? Eli’s MLB Rumors thinks its possible.

-Baseball Prospects looks at the O’s Top 10 (minus three) prospects for 2009.

-More forward-looking O’s discussion at Rounding the Bases With TheMarkSmith.

-Camden Chat identifies some O’s in the post-season, including a couple that Roar from 34 left out.

-The Mets Are Better Than Sex considers the O’s a good trade partner.

-Connolly’s Corner Sports Bar re-opens the Mussina talk with a twist: Is he worth a multi-year deal? Something tells me Wayward O has a strong opinion on this one.

-Speaking of Wayward O, he correctly predicted two of the four LCS teams. (Editor’s Note: Make that three. I read the post too quickly and looked at the wrong list. Thanks for the correction, Wayward O.) However, his overall winner, Boston, is still in the mix. Meanwhile, The Loss Column’s Neal Shaffer got one of four and had the Angels winning it all. How many predictions did Roar from 34 get correct? Umm … zero. Clearly, it’s just easier to evaluate other people’s picks after the fact.

-Anthony Amobi wisely wants Markakis under contract now.

-The Diatribe
wouldn’t mind having Brian Roberts in an Indians uniform but doesn’t see a deal happening. (There’s a recent precedent for an O’s second baseman going to the Indians, albeit by free agency: see – Alomar, Roberto.)

-Evan of The Parker Family left the O’s fold to join the Red Sox bandwagon, but he’s proud to have done it before many others – in 2003. There’s loyalty for you.


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2 Responses to Baseball Cards, Bandwagon Fans, and Hot Stove Rumors

  1. hi … i think i got three of four LCS teams right … ‘cept for the cubs. as for preseason picks … well those are tough.

  2. Thanks for the correction, Wayward O. My apologies for reading too quickly.

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