The Night Before Christmas

The latest headlines:

Teixeira sold out to the highest bidder

The Nats are holding an O’s reunion in D.C.
, signing Patterson to a Minor League deal.

Some holiday cheer:

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Yard,
Not a free agent was stirring who could earn the Wild Card.
The numbers we hung on the Warehouse with care,
Like Cal and the glory days no longer are there.

Yankees fans are nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of the playoffs dance in their heads.
The Steinbrenners run wild without a salary cap,
Leaving fans other of teams to just say “Ah, crap.”

When on ESPN there arose such a clatter,
More Hot Stove discussion that’s just idle chatter,
Cause no matter how far the stock market may crash,
Baseball’s free agents will still chase the most cash.

Old Buster did appear on the SportsCenter show,
But couldn’t admit that he just didn’t know,
In what uniform Teixeira would appear,
And whose fans would be left with something to cheer.

When it comes to the O’s, this must be done quick,
In a New York moment, please go and sign Nick.
Because we just can’t seem to win this free-agent game,
Even when a player mentions our city by name.

Now Peter! Now Andy! Let the rebuilding quicken,
Do it as fast as Ponson did get blitzened.
Whether by trade or by market, let’s get on the ball,
And sign them, sign them, sign them all.

Please give the fans some reason to whistle,
Send us some form of a positive epistle,
Or else in the stands you’ll find no one in sight,
And this proud franchise can call it a night.


About mptaylor11

Roar from 34, a Baltimore Orioles Blog. Humor. History. Homerism. Since 2006.
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3 Responses to The Night Before Christmas

  1. Stephen says:

    Excellant! Well done and a lot of thought in this poem. So true are the words, email this to Peter A. ASAP ,ok. He can read it with his spiked egg nog!

  2. Impressed as always. Well done! You deserve to be paid for this blog! Happy Holidays!! :-)SGG

  3. Thanks, Stephen and SGG. I appreciate the comments.

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