More Love for Wieters

Did you hear that this Wieters kid is pretty good?

by Matthew Taylor

The collective romance (or do the kids call it “bromance” these days?) with Matt Wieters clearly extends beyond the limits of Charm City. First ESPN’s Todd Law, now Ted Keith of Sports Illustrated.

“To the many fans who will be learning about him for the first time this spring, Wieters remains a relatively unknown commodity. But to the scouts who have watched him since his high school days in South Carolina and through an All-America career at Georgia Tech, and to those hard-core Orioles fans desperately hoping that he’ll lead their team back to respectability, he has been targeted as one of the game’s brightest future stars for almost two years.”

Best quote (from Wieters): “I’m aware of those expectations, but that’s nothing compared to what I expect from myself.”

The I-love-the-guy-too-but-that’s-a-bit-much.-Did-I-say-a-bit-much?-I-meant-way-too-much anecdote: “Indeed, Wieters seemed to be so blessed with ability that his teammates at Tech nicknamed him God after one especially heavenly performance against Miami in his freshman season, in which he put on a power display while playing pitcher, catcher and first base with equal skill.”


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2 Responses to More Love for Wieters

  1. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find any publication that projects the O’s higher than the A.L. East cellar.

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