Ripken’s Retro Jersey and Sidney’s Rich Real Estate

Some end-of-the-week odds and ends

by Matthew Taylor

From the Roar from 34 mailbag, Jill writes in with a question for O’s fans and collectors. Jill, whose uncles shared many a game with their friend Wild Bill in Section 34 at Memorial Stadium, is looking for tips on where to find a Billy Ripken jersey.

Aside from personalizing an O’s jersey at MLB Shop, do any Roar from 34 readers have a lead on a Billy Ripken jersey for Jill? If so, send her an email at and/or post what you know in the comments section.

In other news, Sir Sidney has signed on to play for the Netherlands in the World Baseball Classic. The native of Aruba, an autonomous region within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, will operate under the tutelage of pitching coach Bert Blyleven. No word yet on whether this is part of his community service obligation to the island of Aruba.

And speaking of Sidney, word has it that the Yankee free agent is selling his Ft. Lauderdale mansion for nearly $5 million.

“Some of the more interesting features of the house, according to listing information, would be the hidden wine closet tucked under the staircase, the two laundry rooms≠1 up and 1 down [ … ] and last but not least, a panic room, a high-cost feature of increasing numbers of paranoid rich people.”


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