100 Words or Less About … The O’s Off-Season

A (very) brief rundown of off-season happenings in Birdland

by Matthew Taylor

Special thanks to Jay Trucker for mentioning Roar from 34 in his column, “All the news that’s fit to upload: Where to get your O’s fix in the post-print millenium.”

With spring training underway, it’s a perfect time to debut the first “100 Words or Less” column of the 2009 season. This edition of 100 Words or Less focuses on the O’s off-season using the theme of that whole steroid issue in baseball. Perhaps you’ve heard a thing or two about it? Look for memorable names and quotes and, of course, lots of double meaning.

Here are your 100 Words or Less:

I’m not here to talk about the past. Or am I

MacPhail injects hope, signs Markakis.

Wild West culture gives way to Far East. Welcome, Koji.

Cabrera to D.C. but not to testify.

Jones bulks up. Which is larger: bench or bullpen? Size still matters in baseball.

We hope Pie’s not a fraud. Luke’s unhappy, but not in rage.

Hail Cesar! Help us misremember last season’s carousel.

Locals juiced about Wieters, Matusz; will their loyalty be vindicated?

There’s no denying – unless it’s Congressional testimony – that O’s won’t contend.

I don’t know how to say it any more clearly than that.

Final Word Count: 100 even.

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