Declaring a Moratorium on Pastry References

Play on words is officially overplayed

Surely Jeff Zrebiec winced when he saw the headline that was selected for his article about new Oriole Felix Pie: How big a slice for O’s Pie?

Zrebiec, unlike the editor who likely wrote the headline for the story, must know that, actual pronunciation of the player’s last name be damned, pastry references have been overused in relation to young Felix, which is why Roar from 34 is calling for a moratorium on any and all “slice of pie” comments.

Check it out for yourself. Type the words “Felix Pie” and “slice” into Google, and here’s what you get:

Not Their Slice of “Pie,” Cubs Trade Former Top Prospect Felix Pie (Bleacher Report)

Why a Slice of This Pie? (Bleacher Report)

Time to Slice Pie to AAA (Clark-Addison Cubs Fan Blog)

A Slice of Baltimore Pie (Goat Riders of the Apocalypse)

A Slice of Pie (Baltimore Birds Nest)

Olson Out, Orioles Get a Slice of Pie (Dempsey’s Army)

O’s Get Slice of Pie; Will Cubs Eat Crow? (Fan Graphs)

Ravens and a Slice of Pie (Bob Haynie’s Blog/WNST)

Then again, perhaps the O’s should just concede to the, ahem, feeding frenzy on pastry references and use it as a marketing opportunity for the player and the team.

Have Jason Biggs of American Pie fame throw out a first pitch at Camden Yards.

Make it Felix Pie T-Shirt Tuesday.

Sell … you guessed it … slices of pie at the concession stands.

Just imagine the headlines that would generate.


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4 Responses to Declaring a Moratorium on Pastry References

  1. zknower says:

    Is Felix’s last name actually pronounced differently than “Pie”? I mean, does it have two syllables, like Pié (“Pee-yay”) or something?

  2. It’s pronounced “PEE-ay.” Believe it or not, there’s a Yahoo Answers thread on this very topic:

  3. Heath says:

    I just couldn’t resist it…just one time.I now join you in your pastry moratorium…until I can figure out a clever “four and twenty blackbirds” reference.

  4. Heath,Fair enough. The moratorium will allow for a “four and twenty blackbirds” exception. The Post can’t resist either, with its recent “Helping of Pie” headline: least the writer acknowledges it at the outset: “Sorry for the pun, I just couldn’t resist.”

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