All the Concessions Coverage That’s Fit to Print

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack, but hold the hot dog.

While other sites are examining the O’s latest personnel moves and player prospects, Roar from 34 isn’t afraid to look outside of the spotlight to bring you the latest … concessions news?!?

First, there’s the trial of Ann Copland, a former aide to Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran, who’s been on trial for swapping favors with Jack Abramoff’s lobbying firm. There’s an O’s connection in there? Sure is.

Copland’s e-mails revealed, among other things, that she wasn’t pleased with the food offerings in her luxury box at Camden Yards.

“At one point she sent a long list of ticket requests that included several concerts, hockey, ice skating and the circus. At other times she sent e-mails complaining about the food and drinks in the firm’s luxury box at the Camden Yards baseball stadium in Baltimore.

‘Ackkk. Only beer and no Hebrew National hot dogs,’ she said in one e-mail after the firm had arranged to get her the seats for a Baltimore Orioles game for a party for her son.

Do people really write the word “Ackkk” in e-mails? Suddenly, LOL looks mature.

Had Copland ventured out of her luxury seating in years past, she could’ve grabbed some kosher food down on the concourse. No longer.

“Kosher Sports Inc., based in New York, and the kosher caterer at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium for the Baltimore Ravens, will not be returning to the O’s.

To cut costs, the O’s operation was reduced last season to a cart on the third-base line, from its more familiar past leftfield location. Mr. Katz told Aramark, concessionaire for the Orioles and the Ravens, that the contract had to be restructured, and if that could not happen, Kosher Sports ‘couldn’t operate here.’

‘They didn’t blink an eye,’ he said. ‘This is a business, and we couldn’t operate at a loss.’

Mr. Katz said he had the kosher cart removed last Friday, Mar. 6. Kosher Sports is under the kosher supervision of the Baltimore-based Star-K supervisory organization.”

These are clearly angry times in the sports food-delivery world. Perhaps we all just need to lighten up and, amidst this concessions confusion, take time to remember what’s really important: the Lemonade Shaking Guy.


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