A rundown of some recent qu’O’tables:

“I think Andy has done a great job. If we can maintain that impetus, things can be pretty good. I don’t know about this year, but next year and the year after we have high hopes for.”

-Peter Angelos, in The Sun. He’s happy with Andy MacPhail’s rebuilding efforts and, according to the paper, says he’ll “make a notable free-agent move” when the time comes.

“You’re talking about three legitimate top-of-the rotation talents.”

Dave Trembley, in a Buster Olney column. Like Whitney Houston, Trembley believes the children are the future; specifically, Brian Matusz, Chris Tillman, and Jake Arrieta.

“Do you know how fortunate we are to be doing what we’re doing? People are going to be making sacrifices to come out and see you this year. There should be no excuse for a lack of energy and enthusiasm as you do your work.”

Andy MacPhail, also quoted by Buster Olney.

“I’ve looked at them and thought, ‘Man, that’d be fun.’ ”

Frank Robinson in the Cincinnati Enquirer. Robinson was commenting on Opening Day parades and his upcoming role as grand marshal for the Reds’ parade, which dates back to 1890.

Finally, from the way Hal McCoy of the Journal-News tells it, Manager Richie Hebner, who is preparing for his first full season with the Frederick Keys, will be good for many entertaining quotes.

A man a Baltimore Orioles uniform approached me on the back fields of the City of Sarasota Sports Complex, stopped in front of me, and said, “I can’t believe you’re still above the ground.”

So whatever happened to, “Hi, how ya doing?”

Upon further review, I discovered the man was former Pittsburgh Pirate Richie Hebner – and that explained it all. To say Hebner is different is to say grass in green and the sky is blue.

When Hebner played, he was an undertaker/gravedigger in New England, so his sense of humor borders on the macabre. For example, he once told me, “Man, the winter was tough. The ground was frozen solid. We buried some of those folks so shallow they might have scratched their way out.”

During our conversation yesterday, he said he now drives a hearse in the off-season, and said, “I’m your last ride. I get in the hearse, turn on the radio, turn to the back and ask, ‘Any requests?’ Never had one.”

Hebner is managing the Class A Frederick (Md.) team for the Orioles.


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