Midweek Trivia: Felix Pie Edition

“I think I’m beyond close. It’s just that the opportunity isn’t there right now.”

-Lou Montanez

Chicago has its Sweet Lou, now we have our Bitter Lou.

Lou Montanez is the hot topic among O’s fans following his assignment to Norfolk. Montanez is a bit disgruntled about the move, as are some of the folks over at Camden Chat.

“Well there you have it. Lou clearly feels that he is ready. He did everything besides blatantly saying that he is better than Felix Pie (which offensively he surely is). I understand that not many people here believe in Montanez, but let it be known that I believe in Felix Pie even less. Pie will fail, and is already proving that. I will take Montanez’s offense over Pie’s defense anyday…ok, now let me have it!”

Heath at Dempsey’s Army sticks with his consistent argument that Pie is the better bet, and he’s got the numbers to back up his case.

Meanwhile, Weaver’s Tantrum feels bad for Montanez, but adds some perspective.

“It always breaks my heart to see a deserving player get pinched out, but it happens and clearly Montanez understands why. He is engaging in a little revisionist history on one point. There was a time when it could have come easily. He was a hot young prospect and a little success would have propelled him up the Cubs’ organizational ladder rapidly. Montanez wasn’t able to make it happen though and now it will be hard. He’ll have to wait on an injury or trade.”

No matter your feelings about the move, with Montanez in Norfolk it looks like we’re all going to have to get to know Felix Pie a little better, so Midweek Trivia asks the following:

Who was pitching when Felix Pie got his first major league hit, a double, on April 17, 2007?

(Hint: the Cubs were playing the Padres that day.)


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