Opening Day Headlines, Real and Imagined

Orioles 10 – Yankees 5. Life is good.

In keeping with last year’s tradition, Roar from 34 offers the post-Opening Day headlines you’re not likely to see followed by some real headlines about the game. In the crazy world that is New York baseball, it can be difficult to tell the difference.

[A special thanks to The Sun’s Andrew Ratner for his real headline, Orioles bloggers step up to the plate.]

Some headlines about Monday’s game that you’re not likely to see:

Like ‘The Bachelor,’ Teixeira has change of heart, asks shunned O’s for a second chance

Steinbrenner feeling philosophical: “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”

A-Rod to Tex: “I would’ve come through in the clutch”

Izturis eyes 40-40; Bonds’ single-season home run record also in sight

Teixeira channels Utley in response to Boo Birds

A.L. East now a four-team race

Yankee fans anxious about half-game deficit to rained out Red Sox

Angelos: “So we can expect 48,000 for every game?”

Ray demands closer’s role

O’s fans join Zaunbie nation, forget about Wieters

And, believe it or not, some of the real Opening Day headlines:

O’s get off to flying start with win over Yankees
(The Sun)

Orioles make short work of Sabathia
(Los Angeles Times)

Irked Orioles fans send angry message to native Mark Teixeira
(New York Daily News)

Orioles opener is a cause for celebration
(USA Today)

Joe Biden leads Orioles to 10-5 victory over Yankees (Political Machine)

‘You gotta love Opening Day’ (Annapolis Capital)

Yep, Sabathia’s a waste of money
(Pinstripe Alley)

CC Sabathia’s first-game struggles make for eye-opener for Yankees (New York Daily News)


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