Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including the Losses

Texas 19 – O’s 6

Birds get pummeled yet again in a game where they’re going for the sweep.

From The Sun: “It also marked the third time this season in as many tries that the Orioles’ bid for a series sweep barely gained traction. In those three games, the Orioles (6-3) have been outscored 41-11, and one of the common denominators has been a subpar effort from their starting pitchers.”

Radhames Liz didn’t look good in Durham on Sunday, and he fared no better after getting the call to the big club: 1 IP, 4 ER, 5 hits, 1 HR (a grand slam on his first pitch in relief).

It’s officially a trend

There’s just something about Texas (or perhaps there’s just something about bad pitching and good hitting). This marks the fourth straight season in which the O’s have surrendered 15 or more runs in a loss to the Rangers, a remarkable figure considering it’s a non-division opponent that the team has faced 10 or fewer times per season.

April 15, 2009: Rangers 19 – Orioles 6
Aug. 10, 2008: Rangers 15 – Orioles 7

Aug. 22, 2007: Rangers 30 – Orioles 3

July 13, 2006: Rangers 15 – Orioles 1

Meanwhile, in 2005, the O’s twice gave up 10 or more runs to the Rangers, on July 27 (Rangers 11 – Orioles 8) and Aug. 6 (Rangers 10 – Orioles 3).


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1 Response to Everything’s Bigger in Texas, Including the Losses

  1. Anonymous says:

    The pitching was obviously bad and the fielding was worse, but that stadium is ludicrous. Texas is never going to have a Cy Young winner, and their hitters are at a hinderance because of the crazy uppercutting swing they use there, which doesn’t help them in any other stadium. Another case of Bud Selig stupidity for allowing that place to be built. I’m just glad the O’s aren’t in the AL central.

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