Short Hops

A few random baseball items with an O’s connection

If your baseball world is like mine in that it tilts on an Oriole axis, here are some recent Bird-related items of interest to distract you from Wednesday night’s 8-2 result.

They’re winning with our guys … sort of.

Toronto continued its winning ways on Wednesday with a 9th inning, game-winning single from Kevin Millar, who was 3-for-6 on the night. Is there a Canadian equivalent to Orioles Magic, and if so, do the O’s have a non-compete clause on Jumbotron videos?

There are many “former O’s” connections in Toronto these days, for better and worse. A localized headline for last night’s game could read as follows: Former ‘O’ comes through in clutch after former ‘O’ fails in clutch. Millar’s heroics were made possible after BJ Ryan blew the save by giving up 3 runs in the ninth.

Lovin’ Marriage?

Also on Wednesday, Roch linked to ESPN the Magazine’s “For Love or the Game?” feature with Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis. Take note of the “Game Over” T-shirt sported by newlywed Nick Markakis, who got married in October and became a father in March.

Hmmm ….

Attendance is the Pitts

Over in our sister baseball city, the Pirates completed a sweep of what was baseball’s hottest team. The Bucs are just a game back in the more forgiving NL Central, but PNC Park mirrors Camden Yards these days in more than just its design.

Attendance at Camden Yards on Wednesday: 10,868.

Attendance at PNC Park on Wednesday: 10, 655.


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2 Responses to Short Hops

  1. Heath says:

    Interesting thing I discovered about Toronto’s schedule while arguing with a delusional Blue Jays fan…they don’t play ANY AL East teams during the month of April…they won’t be winning for long.

  2. Very interesting – 13 of 17 games against teams with a losing record, and the remaining four games against the 8-7 Tigers. Compare that to the 10 of 16 games the O’s have played against teams with a winning record. Come mid-May we may start to get a better idea of what the Blue Jays are all about.

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