Boo A-Rod?

Peter Schmuck is calling for O’s fans, who took a beating from Colin Cowherd and others for jeering Mark Teixeira on Opening Day, to boo A-Rod when he returns to the Yankees this weekend.

It’s not as if you need an excuse to boo the Yankees, who already represented a lot of what has gone haywire in pro sports. I’m just remembering the enthusiasm with which Orioles fans blasted Teixeira, whose only real sin was not wanting to accept less money to play for a losing team near his boyhood home. It’ll be interesting to see whether the anti-A-Rod sentiment that bubbles up in the stands will match the provincial passion that created so much energy at Camden Yards during the first series of the regular season.

Won’t this just invite more unreasonable Baltimore bashing? Cue up the Palmeiro, Tejada, “aren’t those fans hypocrites” talking points for the sports radio shows. I’m reminded of a friend, likable despite his Yankee loyalties, who just a few short pre-Mitchell Report years ago quizzed me about what was happening in the O’s clubhouse with steroids.

Baseball these days involves all kinds of hypocrisy, so who knows if O’s fans will get flogged for booing A-Rod, though he seems like a safe target simply because most fans and media types don’t like him.


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4 Responses to Boo A-Rod?

  1. Jergs says:

    Since when did any self respecting O’s fan need a reason to boo the Yankees?

  2. I couldn’t agree more. With all the outrageous fan behavior in baseball these days, it still surprises me that Cowherd was able to gin up such outrage over O’s fans booing Teixeira. I think it’s safe to assume that A-Rod will get booed by however many Bird loyalists are at Camden Yards for the Yankee series. Schmuck knows that, but he’s clearly hoping that it has some intensity behind it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A-Rod was already going to get booed (loudly) at Camden Yards. Pretty sure fans there didn’t need the urging of a columnist. A-Rod was already among the more unlikeable characters in sports before the recent stuff. Now I’m just waiting for the “A-Rod Trips 10-year-old” story to break.

  4. Louise says:

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