Baseball Madlibs – Minnesota Twins Edition

It’s time to play Baseball Mad Libs.

First, choose a noun. Next, select another noun.

Now insert both words in the sentence below.

“Someone screwed up. My team paid a price because we lost a game. This was (Word 1). There’s (Word 2) on that weather radar and we still tried to play. Wrong, that’s a bad thing, I don’t want to talk about anything else.”

Congratulations! You’ve just helped fill in the blanks on Ron Gardenhire’s post-game press conference. My own selections can be found here and here. (For anyone interested in some juvenile fun, click on the audio pronunciations for each word. The attention given to proper diction would make Bob Sheppard proud.)

Needless to say, Gardenhire was a bit unhappy that Wednesday night’s game was played. Nevertheless, the O’s weathered the storm for six innings to pull out a shortened, 4-1 win over the Twins.

I can’t say I blame Gardenhire. After all, we went through this sort of thing last season when a rain delayed game on June 28 was re-started just long enough for the Yankees to put up a four spot amid a downpour to turn a 6-4 deficit into an 8-6 lead.

Given Wednesday’s outcome, Stacey from Camden Chat offers a humorous solution to the O’s woes: all games should be five innings.

“I really think the 5 inning game is the secret to the Orioles success. Think about it. Koji would be the best pitcher in the league if the games were 5 innings. We’d rarely have to see George Sherrill. Even Mark Hendrickson looks good in 5 inning games!”


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