Heyman Gives Huff a Thumbs Up

SI’s Jon Heyman not only approves of Aubrey Huff’s fist-pumping impression of Joba Chamberlin, he thinks Johnathan Papelbon should be next on the list for such treatment.

Aubrey Huff is my new hero after mocking talented, immature Yankee Joba Chamberlain with a couple fist pumps to celebrate a homer off Chamberlain. Someone needs to tell Joba to tone it down. I’m not sure this will work. But hey, it’s a start.

Jonathan Papelbon should be the next target of hitters. Paps’ celebrations are downright nutso. His gyrations after getting out of a recent Rays jam were much greater than when he closed out the World Series two years ago. If Huff tries to mock that one, he’ll wind up on the disabled list.

I was wondering when Papelbon’s name would come up in this discussion.

If hitters are in fact bothered by these pitcher antics, so much so that a team like the Orioles would discuss Chamberlin’s behavior amongst themselves, Papelbon would certainly have to be on a short list for “mock trotting,” as I like to call Huff’s antics. The problem is that you actually have to hit a home run off the guy first.

As for Chamberlin, it seems times have truly changed in the Bronx. O’s fans may remember that in the not-too-distant past – late ’90s, early 2000s – the Yankees, the self-appointed arbiters of proper baseball behavior, were angry with Jerry Hairston for being too cocky and too demonstrative.

Judge for yourself whether Buster Olney’s description of how the Yankees once viewed Jerry Hairston sounds at all like Joba Chamberlin.

But Hairston and Wright were similar, in that they were both young, generally unproven, cocky and demonstrative — and for a bunch of veterans like the Yankees, these were abhorrent characteristics.


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