Mets Fans Tweet About the Birds

There were numerous game updates.

A debate about whether an error-filled victory over a last-place team counts as a “good win.”

And expressed affection for David Wright as a player, team leader, and, well, because he’s just plain “Hot Hot Hot.”

What could be worse than the latter Tweet? How about this corny ninth inning musing by TheRopolitans: “I hope Ty doesn’t Ty it up.”

What else were Mets fans tweeting about during and after Tuesday night’s 6-4 win against the Orioles?

Here’s a quick rundown.

On the Aubrey Huff error:

GregDiener Well there goes the Mets interest in Aubrey Huff, Mets get one back for the missed Castillo Pop-Up on Friday i guess.

darknova306 Hahaha! *cries* hahaha sigh… RT @TheRopolitans: He pulled a Castillo!

melissag57 RT @metsjetsgirl RT @joeviddy: Other teams can drop the ball too?!?!

noah_s Haha nice drop!

mr_met …and that kids is why you run it out. Huff drops pop up down the 1B line leading to the #Mets scoring 2, 6-2 Top 7.

mikevooss So the Orioles pop-up error cost them 2 runs and ultimately the game. Sound familiar to anyone? #Mets

twayward Gr8 lead by AP: BALTIMORE–This time, the NY Mets were the ones to benefit from a popup. #Mets

PaulsRandomStuf Nice to see the #Mets take advantage of another team’s mistakes… even if they don’t want to make it easy!

On O’s fans and Camden Yards:

spo_ wow… and we weren’t happy with citi’s music? could be worse… they’re playing “thank god i’m a country boy” at camden right now… #Mets

dreilly11 Also, I love how you can hear a B’More fan heckling Castillo about the pop-up. Would love if Luis said “dude, you’re an Orioles fan.” #Mets

jrobelen @MetsWFAN good to hear the #Mets stirring it up at the Yards. Too bad the O’s can’t fill seats there any more.

docnolz Did you all hear the crowd at Camden chanting Lets Go Mets last night on TV? Sounded almost like Queens ! #Mets

A compliment:

swirlywand Dear Nats announcers- you could learn some class from Os broadcast team. #mets #orioles

And some concessions on the Mora strikeout:

ckanterman Even though the #Mets benefitted, the umpiring is pathetic this season #Orioles #MLB

chrisbirckhead Sorry #orioles fans.. that was a horrible horrible call. #mets


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