These Thoughts I Had … And Shared

Tuesday was my “MASN Day,” and the Orioles almost didn’t disappoint.

Despite the outcome of the game, the Birds’ ninth-inning comeback offered a thrilling start to my new life as a North Carolina satellite subscriber and therefore MASN viewer.

I typically prefer to collect my thoughts before writing; however, in order to celebrate my new-found freedom from Time Warner’s non-baseball dominion I used Twitter (I believe the cool kids call it “Tweeting”) to provide instant analysis of the Orioles’ extra innings loss to the Marlins.

Here are the 16 thoughts that ran straight from my head to the virtual page during 12 innings of Birds baseball. Topics for further discussion are in italics.

Tuesday Night Tweets:

Just watched some “Defining Moments.” How’d MASN get Screech to do the “Miracle in May” spot? Did Dennis Sarfate notice the resemblance?

1-0 just like that. Says Buck Martinez: “Baseball can look so easy at times.”

Koji strikes out. On the upside, he didn’t swing at the first pitch like many O’s are doing tonight. He even fought off some pitches.

Robert Andino tracks down the pop-up. So who has the cooler flat brim: Andino or George Sherrill? Is that even a fair question?

New nickname for Nolan Reimold: wheels. His hustle out of the box caused Hanley Ramirez’s error.

Buck Martinez jinxed Koji. As soon as he said Koji was “really sharp tonight,” Uggla went deep. 1-1.

Uehara hit hard but defended his position to preserve the lead. It’s crazy that the O’s almost turned two on a sac bunt. That’s MelmOsity.

Another double-play attempt on a sac bunt. How far in was Melmo playing for that one?

Baez must not want to be traded. His strategy for staying put: mess up. Pretty sure I saw a similar thing once on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Matt Wieters is a smart ballplayer. After the controversy with his 1st home run ball he made sure the second one didn’t stay in the stands.

Random 9th inning fact: “Rookie” Koji Uehara is older than all the Marlins who started tonight. Among O’s who started only Mora is older.

Magic, Magic, Magic, Magic? One more run ties it up. Go with two, O’s, go with two.

Tie game! Magic indeed.

@DempseysArmy Okay, I’m a believer. Two hits on the night including the game-tying RBI with two out in the ninth. Hail Salazar!

Did Ty Wiggington suddenly think he turned into Emilio Bonifacio? Great hit, bad baserunning mistake.

Ugh. Zaun challenges Wiggington for most frustrating Oriole tonight. Passed ball in 12th and he missed Scott’s throw at the plate. O’s lose.


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2 Responses to These Thoughts I Had … And Shared

  1. Crys says:

    Congrats, Hon! I know your joy! Imagine going 17 years without the Os. It's a suffering no one deserves, yet thus was my life until MASN brightened my world. One day, I swear, I am sending them a gift basket to show my appreciation. 🙂

  2. Matthew says:

    Thanks, Hon. It just didn't feel right not to have the Orioles on the television each night. Feels like summertime at home.

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