Considering (in jest) the Aubrey Huff Legacy

What do Aubrey Huff, Chris Hoiles, Larry Sheets, Brandon Fahey, and Jim Traber all have in common?

Each player finished his Orioles career with five stolen bases – along with a number of other O’s players – to create a log jam at 260th place on the team’s career list in that category.

For the record, Huff was caught stealing seven times.

Yes, with Huff now a Tiger, it’s time to consider – almost entirely in jest – his Orioles legacy.

Surely O’s fans will remember Huff’s broadcast abilities, his home run trot, and his demanding off-season workout regimen, but what about the numbers?

How will you remember Aubrey Huff?

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For the home runs?

Huff’s 60 career homers for the Birds were one better than Randy “Moose” Milligan’s total but leave him tied with Albert Belle among O’s players.

One more long ball and Huff would’ve ventured into Mike Bordick territory.

For the RBIs?

Huff’s 252 RBIs leave him tied with Don Buford and that other “Moose” – Moose Solters – in the O’s history books.

You remember Moose Solters, right?

For the doubles?

Huff recently passed Luis Aparicio on the O’s career list with his 106th double.

Little Luis just can’t catch a break lately. Thanks a lot, Jeter.

Which would bother you more: losing 58th place on the O’s career list for doubles or losing first place on the all-time list for career hits by a shortstop?

For the hits?

Huff needed just four more hits as an Oriole to pass David Segui for 92nd place.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions, but mine is this: For the love of baseball, bring Aubrey Huff back to Baltimore.

Huff deserves a chance to chase down Mike Bordick and David Segui.

And he can finally put Moose Solters behind him once and for all.

Image source: Flickr.


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