Luke Scott Closes In On Rafael Palmeiro for the Most Eutaw Street Home Runs

Rafael Palmeiro might want to make room for Luke Scott atop the Eutaw Street home run leaderboard.

Scott is one behind Palmeiro for most Eutaw Street home runs after his 412-foot blast on Tuesday against the New York Yankees. It was Scott’s fourth bronze bomb in just two seasons with the Orioles, quickly approaching Palmeiro who hit his five in four different seasons (1996, 1997, 1998, & 2004).

Given the angle, Scott’s long ball seemed like it could reach the Warehouse (watch the video); however, the hit fell some 27 feet short of the brick facade and does not rank in the Top 20 for longest Eutaw Street home runs.

It was the third-longest Eutaw Street home run of Scott’s four efforts (420 feet on July 19, 2008; 415 feet on Sept. 8, 2008; 412 feet on Sept. 1, 2009; and 394 feet on July 11, 2009).

Earlier this season – on June 28 – Adam Dunn one-hoppped the Warehouse with a 442-foot shot that was one foot short of the all-time longest bronze bomb, hit by Henry Rodriguez on June 17, 1997.

Nevertheless, Scott holds a unique spot among bronze bombers.

-Scott is the third player to hit multiple balls onto Eutaw Street in the same season. Rafael Palmeiro did so twice in one day (April 11, 2007) while Jason Giambi accomplished the feat on consecutive days in 2008.

Giambi’s three bronze bombs are tops among visiting players. No player has done it three times in one season.

-Scott is the first player to hit multiple Eutaw Street home runs in consecutive seasons. His visits to Eutaw Street in 2008 came on July 19 and Sept. 8. In 2009, they came on July 11 and Sept. 1. I’m sensing a pattern.

Fortunately, none of the Yankees’ five home runs on Tuesday reached Eutaw Street.

The Bronx Bombers are the leading bronze bombers among visiting teams after a 2008 outburst left them with six total Eutaw Street home runs. The former leaders – of course – were the Red Sox with four.

Four Eutaw Street home runs have been hit this season, which is halfway to the record mark of eight that were hit in 2008. The next most dangerous season to be on the walkway during game action was 1996 when seven balls gave fans a reason to duck and cover.

For more information, see Roar from 34’s archive of Eutaw Street home runs.

Image: Here.


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