Managers on the Hot Seat’s Jon Heyman tells us what we already know: Dave Trembley has some chance of leaving as the O’s manager.

It wasn’t a good sign when Orioles upper management put off a decision on Trembley’s incredibly inexpensive 2010 option (believed to be for about $600,000) to gauge the Orioles’ finish. Trembley’s teams have been weak finishers, and it doesn’t help him that Aubrey Huff and George Sherrill are gone in trades, or that top rookie pitchers Brian Matusz and Chris Tillman are being shelved due to innings counts. Trembley was brought in specifically because this is a rebuilding situation, as Baltimore Sun columnist Peter Schmuck recently pointed out. But at this point, there’s a decent chance he won’t survive to see it through.

Somewhat more interesting is Heyman’s list of potential managers available to those teams that give their skip the old heave-ho at season’s end. The list includes Bobby Valentine, Buck Showalter, Willie Randolph, Jose Oquendo, Kirk Gibson, Ryne Sandberg, and this Orioles-specific offering:

Tom Kelly. Have to assume he’s enjoying retirement. But might old friend Andy MacPhail be tempted to lure him out of it?

Doesn’t Heyman know that when it comes to his past MacPhail only has a thing for ex-Cubs?


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1 Response to Managers on the Hot Seat

  1. O's Guy says:

    I think it would be a good move to bring in Buck Showalter. After listening to him on ESPN's Baseball Tonight, he seems to have a lot of knowledge of the game which could help our players, especially the young guys.

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