Noland Reimold Likes Playing in … Kansas City?

Nolan Reimold did an online chat Wednesday on ESPN, which identified him as a “leading candidate for AL Rookie of the Year.”

As you’d expect, Reimold kept his responses fairly plain. The lone surprise is his choice for favorite baseball stadium besides Camden Yards.

Some of the more interesting topics Reimold addressed include the following:

Whether he dislikes Yankees or Red Sox fans more.

“Humm …that’s a tough one. I would have to say both equally. When they come into Camden Yards, they get loud with their cheers and stuff. They are very loyal fans.”

Hitting his first major-league home run at Yankee Stadium against Mariano Rivera.

“Yes, I did get the ball back. I hit it to center field where there weren’t any fans so the guys in the bullpen got it for me. I couldn’t have hit it off a more respectable pitcher and to have it in Yankee Stadium was icing on top of the cake.”

His favorite moment of his brief major-league career.

“I would have to say the walk off homerun against Toronto. Seeing all my teammates waiting at the plate for me was awesome.”

And of course his favorite stadium besides Camden Yards.

“I like the newer stadiums so I will have to go with Kansas City. The big screen in the outfield is pretty nice.”


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2 Responses to Noland Reimold Likes Playing in … Kansas City?

  1. Stacey says:

    I agree with Nolan that Kauffman Field is a great stadium. He might be confused about it being new, though, since he's a rookie and they just did major renovations. I think it's one of the older places in the AL. It's refreshing that he didn't say Fenway or Yankee Stadium since that's what everyone says. You didn't mention my favorite part of the chat, though, about what he does when he's not playing baseball.

  2. Perhaps he should've combined his answers about stadiums and what he does away from the field and said something like this:"I'm in chill mood when I'm in Kansas City. I'm pretty laid back, so watching the big screen in the outfield is pretty nice. I like to get out and do a bunch of things when we visit there."

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