What Would Wild Bill Say?

Legendary fan Wild Bill Hagy was known to turn down cab fares from Yankees and Red Sox fans.

Legend has it he also dropped these folks off in questionable neighborhoods on occasion.

At least Hagy was picking on someone his own size.

A school teacher and devoted Red Sox fan in Van Buren, N.Y., forced one of his fourth-grade students to turn his C.C. Sabathia T-shirt inside out.

Here’s a bit of the story:

Van Buren Elementary fourth-grader Nathan Johns thought his teacher was kidding Wednesday when he instructed him to go to the bathroom and turn his Yankees T-shirt inside out.

The blue shirt read “New York No. 52” on the front and “Sabathia” for the New York Yankees’ pitcher CC Sabathia, on the back.

“ I thought to myself ‘Is he serious or is he kidding,’” said Nate, 9, a student in Peter Addabbo’s fourth-grade class. “But he had this look like he wasn’t kidding at all.”

Nate complied, and said he was later told to wear it that way until dismissal. At lunch, Nate said the fifth-graders made fun of him because he wearing his shirt inside out. “It was such a horrible day.” Nate said. “I don’t ever want anything like to happen again.”

I’m guessing Wild Bill would conclude that both parties were in the wrong – the teacher for being a Red Sox fan and the student for being a Yankees fan.

Image source: Here.


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1 Response to What Would Wild Bill Say?

  1. Stacey says:

    ew that's effed up. Maybe if the teacher were an Orioles fan I'd understand…

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