The Nets, The Orioles, and The Larry Sheets Family Amusement Center

So ‘Duk – Kevin Kaduk – at Yahoo’s Big League Stew blog has made the inevitable New Jersey Nets – Baltimore Orioles comparison now that the Nets have set the NBA’s season-opening record for futility.

More importantly, though, ‘Duk directs us to the website for the Larry Sheets Family Amusement Center.

In other words, there is baseball news this off-season, and it is decidedly good. 

Here’s an excerpt from “The resurrection of the 1988 Orioles, courtesy of the Nets“:

As you might remember, the 1988 Orioles lost their first 21 games of the season, setting a record for a pro sports franchise and becoming fodder for wise aleck columnists like Tony Kornheiser and a national punchline in the process. (If you’re a certain age, you remember that Michael Jackson glove joke. If you’re not, you’ve heard it about another team.)More than 20 years later, the ’88 O’s are still the standard bearer for downright bad debuts and will be the first team mentioned unless the Nets have four more losses in them before their first victory.

Am I the only one who has a strange appreciation for the 0-18 Sports Illustrated cover featuring Billy Ripken?

Mister Irrelevant also examines the Nets – O’s comparison (and provides the 0-18 cover).



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