Baltimore’s baseball anthems just got better

Haven’t seen the Scott Stapp video “Marlins Will Soar”? Good for you.

The beauty of ballpark anthems is typically in the eye of the beholder, but in this case there’s not much to debate. Stapp’s effort introduces a whole new category of bad baseball song.

If you really must, check out Stapp’s video below.

I particularly like when Stapp establishes his baseball credentials by offering a rundown of what he knows about the sport:

One strike, two strike, swing away …

A diving catch, a stolen base …

A perfect game, a triple play …

The groupies after games.

Whoops. Seems I’m getting that last one confused with a different Scott Stapp video.

And was there something in there about a perfect game? That’s genius. Look at the way he uses irony. The Marlins are one of 11 teams, including the Orioles, to never have been involved in a perfect game on the winning or losing side.

Below is a rundown of some Orioles songs that no longer qualify as even remotely bad. Heck, they could all be Grammy winners at this point. Thank you, Scott Stapp.

For me, nothing tops Jason Siemer’s “A World of Orioles Baseball.” I get the sense it’s the type of thing Florida was going for with “Marlins Will Soar.” They just missed out on the passion, nostalgia, and everyday guy singing the song. Those are three elements that contribute to a quality ballpark anthem. You could have one, two, or even swing away.

“Welcome Home”

“Orioles Magic”

“A World of Orioles Baseball”


“How Bout Dem O’s?”



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