The Orioles are returning to form in one key category: PCPGIWCISC

Last season I wrote about the Orioles’ impressive PCPGIWCISC numbers. For those of you not versed in advanced stats, PCPGIWCISC = Players Conducting Post-Game Interviews While Covered in Shaving Cream.

As has been the case in many statistical categories this season, the O’s PCPGIWCISC numbers have been a bit down in the early going. However, Thursday’s thrilling – and I’m talking thrusting-both-arms-into-the-air-while-listening-to-the-game thrilling – 6-5 victory over the Mariners helped improve the figures a bit.

Add Luke Scott and Corey Patterson to the esteemed PCPGIWCISC club.

Scott got his pie during a dugout interview with Jim Hunter and Rick Dempsey. The Oriole Bird even joined in the fun. Here’s the video from MASN.

Patterson was an on-field victim during his interview with Amber Theoharis, who pulled out one of her go-to lines in this situation: “It stings.”

Even the on-field reporter is cool under shaving cream fire.

Last Stand Photography has a great Flickr photo of Will Ohman – who seems to have taken over for Adam Jones as the lead instigator –  administering the shaving cream pie to Patterson.

[The MASN video wasn’t coming up at the time I posted this, so try the end of highlight video posted on Camden Chat.]

Dan Steinberg of the D.C. Sports Bog did a little investigating reporting last season to find out what a shaving cream pie feels like. The results confirmed Theoharis’s analysis.

Said Craig Stammen of the Nats: “It didn’t hurt-hurt,” Stammen told me. “It stung my eyes and my nose and my ear….I didn’t know it would sting my eyes as bad as it did. It was stinging my eyes all into the plane ride home. I could still feel it in there. It was weird.”

Stammen’s comments in the article should also give fans an appreciation for the fortitude of O’s players who carry on the interview as if nothing’s happened.

He said he told the MASN producers, “Get the camera off me, I don’t want to talk for a while, someone get me a towel,” because he couldn’t see or hear at the time. 

Am I the only one who thinks Steinberg should’ve done some first-person reporting and gone through the experience himself? The local news reporters do it with tasers, so why not follow suit with a shaving cream pie?

Here are some videos of last year’s memorable victims:

Chris Tillman

Brian Matusz

Felix Pie

D.C. Sports Bog has links to Reimold, Wieters, and Hernandez.

By the way, does it surprise anyone that the Yankees reportedly use whipped cream pies instead of shaving cream? And to think, Jeter’s a freakin’ Gillette guy (along with Tiger).



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