Did Baltimore change its road jerseys again? Meet the "Woeful Orioles."

It took 36 years to change the Birds’ road jersey from “Orioles” to “Baltimore.” Now, in less than two seasons, it appears the the team has made another change, replacing “Baltimore” with the word “Woeful.”

At least that’s what you’d think if you’ve been reading the papers this month.

San Francisco Chronicle, June 15: Giants beat up on woeful Orioles

CBSSports.com, June 14: “The Giants look to hand the woeful Orioles their ninth consecutive road defeat as the teams meet Monday night for the first time in six years.”

ESPNNewYork.com, June 12: “The Mets opened a three-stop tour of American League ballparks with a 5-1 win against the woeful Orioles on Friday night at Camden Yards.”

ESPN.com, June 9: CC “Sabathia did what he had to do — beat the woeful Orioles — but bigger challenges remain, writes Wallace Matthews.”

The Middletown Press, June 7: “In April everyone was throwing dirt on the corpse. Uhhh, there’s been a resurrection. It’s a long season and no one has ever lost anything in April. That is, except the woeful Orioles.”

Denver Post, June 5: Woeful Orioles fire Trembley as manager

NorthJersey.com, June 5: “The Jays are 10-9 against AL East opponents. They’re 6-0 against the woeful Orioles, and just 3-9 against the Red Sox and Rays.”

New York Post, June 2: “And with holes in the starting rotation and possibly at second base if Luis Castillo can’t stay healthy, the woeful Orioles could provide some answers for them if they decide to make some moves.”



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