Quick Recap: Marlins 10 – Orioles 4

It’s difficult to know what you’ll get with Jeremy Guthrie these days. He hit two batters on Tuesday night. No surprises there. He allowed no home runs in six innings of work. Now that is a surprise. This was Guthrie’s 15th start in 2010; he’d allowed 14 home runs coming into this evening’s action.

Guthrie kept the ball in the park but gave up six runs in six innings of work. And as difficult as it may be to believe, he actually minimized the damage after putting so many runners on throughout the night. The Marlins left nine men on base while the Orioles left six.

Anibal Sanchez did give up the long ball, but he also recorded a quality start. The Orioles continued to bail out Marlins pitchers with long fly ball outs. Meanwhile, Florida slowly tortured Baltimore, and the team’s fans, with extended rallies.

Final score: Marlins 10 – Orioles 4.

As if the results weren’t depressing enough for O’s fans, consider that just 12 years ago, on June 22, 1998, Mike Mussina tossed a two-hitter for the Birds and retired the last 22 batters he faced as part of a 7-2 victory. Back-to-back second-inning homers by Brian McRae and Butch Huskey were the Mets’ only hits.

Of course, the ’98 season started the 13-year slide that’s still in progress.

Check back tomorrow for a look at my first trip to the Orioles press box (outside of ballpark tours, of course).

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