Baltimore: Football town or baseball town?

The Sun‘s Kevin Van Valkenburg penned a feature on Sunday that daydreams about what it would be like for Baltimore fans to have two competitive teams for which to cheer in September.

The article, “In this Charm City fantasy, late September means football and baseball,” includes comments from fellow Blog-O’s-phere members Stacey Long of Camden Chat and Chris Stoner of Baltimore Sports and Life as well as yours truly.

Here’s what I had to say:

“I’ve thought a lot about whether this is a football town or baseball town,” said Matt Taylor, who grew up an Orioles fan and started a blog, Roar From 34, in 2006 so he could vent. “I think what I’ve I settled on is that it’s a sports town. The fans are willing to get behind any team as long as it’s competitive. If one team struggles as badly as the Orioles have, people are going to lose interest. I think it wouldn’t take much, just a .500 record, and people would still be talking about the team even when Ravens training camp started. The passion is there, but it’s hard not be a little cynical.”

So what sayeth you, dear reader? Given two competitive teams, would Baltimore be considered a football town or a baseball town? Vote in the poll in the sidebar.



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