What they’re saying about the Orioles … Facebook edition

Readers of The Sun are familiar with the semi-regular media roundup known as “What they’re saying about the Orioles.” Thanks to Openbook, I can now do a similar feature of my own. It’s called “What they’re saying about the Orioles … Facebook edition.”

Here’s a rundown of Facebook updates from the past eight hours that have included the word “Orioles.” It seems Facebook users are most interested in attendance woes at The Trop, the anniversary of Ted Williams’ final hit in a game against the Orioles, and the frustrating fact that the Rays weren’t able to clinch the division against the last place Orioles.

Here’s what’s been said today on Facebook:

Randi Muller Dixon  GO RAYS Ferg is GIVING AWAY 50 free tickets to tonights Rays v Orioles  game. Be on the patio here at 6:30pm sharp. Participate and win. We’ll test your knowledge of the Rays, baseball and who knows what…? FREE TICKETS! See you on the patio at 6:30pm. Don’t be late.

[RF34 Note: Bag the trivia. It’ll be hard enough to find 50 people who want to go to the game without jumping through hoops first.]

John Crowley  Note to the Rays: I know that you’re upset of the lack of attendance but seriously concentrate on winning games especially you Price, concentrate on beating the Orioles.

Eric Geiple  wants to go to the Rays/Orioles game! It makes me sad that they could clinch the playoffs and only 10,000 people are showing up.. Obviously you haven’t sucked since 1998.

Joe Aro  Tampa Bay doesn’t deserve to have major league baseball. As good as that team is and nobody cares. Camden Yards would be packed every night (will be soon) if the Orioles were closing in on the A.L. East Title

Jim Miller  Watched the Tampa bay Orioles game. ALL 10 People at the game saw a great Orioles  win. Can’t believe they can’t draw more people to a Major League team in contention for a division crown. Oh well I wouldn’t go either unless they were playing the YANKS.

Grant Holly  Ok, looking good this month Baltimore Orioles. Let’s finish up the season on a high note!!

Rick Dennis  being a cubs and orioles fan I often forget baseball is still being played this time of year!

Rod Reder You are making multi millons per year, you are a grown man, get over it. 90% of the tri county population is struggling, it’s on TV, it’s the Orioles, it’s a 6 hour day to travel from Pasco…etc

[RF34 note: This is in relation to Longoria griping about the lack of fans at Tropicana Field.]

Matthew Daniel Aragon III  The orioles will be good when the orioles get rid of Kevin Millwood and put Brian Matuz at ace. He is one the best underrated young pitchers who doesn’t get noticed cuz the o’s aren’t doing anything special.

Michael Pizarro  O’s win vs Tampa Bay! wat a game! 4-0! Baltimore Orioles 4 Tampa Bay Rays 0! Go O’s! Go Showalter! Go Matuz! I’d rather see Tampa Bay win n da Yankees loose than the Boston Red Sox try 4 da post season! 🙂

 Scott Andrews  we cant beat the orioles, really ???? wtf

[RF34: Haven’t been watching many games lately, have you Scott?]

Matthew Holding  seriously, can the orioles cap trend die, the iron man must be turning in his grave

Lee Weldon  Do I root for the Orioles to lose so that the Yankees don’t get the penant? What a quandry!

[RF34 Note: Never actively root against the Orioles. Passively, maybe.]

Courtney St Amant  so the rays got shut out by the orioles?!!! we’re obviously not ready for the playoffs if we cant even win against the orioles! kiss ass tonight boys!

[RF34 Note: See earlier comment in response to Scott. Oh, and I think – hope – you meant “kick.”]

Joe Lourenco  Did the spankees lose again, to bad they dont play the Orioles everyday and CC can win more games against them lmao

Tim Reilly  9-28-1960, Ted Williams hit a home run in his last career at-bat as his team, the Boston Red Sox, defeated the Baltimore Orioles 5-4 at Fenway Park. Nice to see that nothing has changed in 50 years.

Rebecca Roberts  Can see the city and the ocean from her balcony. What a view to wake up to. Going to the Salty Dog for some deep fried hotdogs and later to see the Rays play the Orioles!

John Gorman  When I was 3 or 4 my parents bought me a number 9 T-shirt. Ted Williams was my first hero. It was 50 yrs. ago today. The place: Fenway Park. The Red Sox were playing the Baltimore Orioles. Ted Williams took what would be the final swing of his long career for a home run. It remains the greatest finale in sports. http://www.tedwilliams.com The greatest hitter, Ted Williams, online autobiography. Baseball Hall of Famer, US Marine, fighter pilot & fishing Hall of Famer. Hitting tips, fan letters, …

Jim Hilliker  Cmon Tampa Bay….beat by the Orioles ??? The Yankees want you to win !!!! At least the Red Sox won……

Jay Kelley 9/28/1960: Ted Williams hits a HR in his last career AB as the Boston Red Sox defeated the Baltimore Orioles 5-4 @ Fenway Park.

Eric Harris  12,446 fans at the Orioles/Rays game last night – totally embarrassing for a first place team in late September

Bruce Wallick  Looking forward to attending “Yeardley at the Yard” this Friday evening to benefit Notre Dame Prep through the “One Love Foundation” in building a turf field, Orioles v. Tigers!

Sharon Poore  Dang it! C’mon Tampa Bay! We just need 1!!! Those dang Orioles  have been kicking everyone’s asses lately…what the hell happened? Are they juiced? lol oh well, at least NY Yankees lost too! RAYS are still #1!!!! dang! Phillies won too! dang! Now, let’s go RAYS!!!!

Michael Sakata  Im calling it Baltimore Orioles 2011 AL East Champions no joke…

[RF34 Note: Any relation to Lenn, Michael?]



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