When Joey Rickard Doesn’t Hit, the Orioles Lose; Win Streak Ends at Seven

DSC_0026Red Sox 4 – Orioles 2
WP: Kelly (1-0)
LP:  Jimenez (1-1)
Save: Kimbrel (2)
HR: Davis (4)
Box Score

Game Recaps: MLB.com, Baltimore Sun, Camden Chat


The Orioles have established a new team record for home runs through eight games with 14. Three previous O’s teams had 13 homers through eight games: 1966, 2012, 2015.

Joey Rickard’s hit streak came to an end. Rickard, who drew a walk on Wednesday, had hit in seven consecutive games to start the season. When Joey doesn’t hit, the Orioles lose.

Tyler Wilson, who pitched in relief on Wednesday, has now tossed six scoreless innings to start the 2016 season.

Two Orioles runners got thrown out at third base during Wednesday’s loss, J.J. Hardy, who was trying for a leadoff triple in the second inning, and Manny Machado, who attempted a two-out steal after doubling in the sixth inning. Both decisions were questionable and violated the baseball adage about not making the first out or third out at third base, but based on the quote below, Buck seemed alright with things.


“There’s going to be nights, I tell the guys all the time, if you feel something go for it. Whether it’s J.J. trying to stretch a double, whether it’s Manny in that situation, some of the things that allowed us to get to 7-0 didn’t work out for us tonight. I want our guys to trust what they’re feeling.” – Buck Showalter



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2 Responses to When Joey Rickard Doesn’t Hit, the Orioles Lose; Win Streak Ends at Seven

  1. It’s ok … I gave your blog credit for the win streak, but I won’t blame you for the loss. And, I liked this post in solidarity, not that I liked losing. But, it wasn’t a terribly bad way to lose, was it, except that it was at Fenway. At least 10 (20, 30, 100) times a season Jim Palmer will get flustered by questionable base running and remind us to never be the first or third out at third. That Palmer was away again for the game was last night’s jinx.

    • Roar from 34 says:

      Thanks for not holding it against me. I anticipated an ugly game last night – more for the pitching, than the base running – and that’s what we got. Ubaldo played with fire throughout his start and never got burned as badly as he could have. The strange thing is I find myself oddly comfortable when other teams score. I think, “We can get those runs back.”

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