The 1966 Orioles Got Down to Business Right Away

Brooks, Frank, and Boog.jpgMy MASN guest post this week focuses on the Orioles’ growing number of comeback victories so far in 2016. More than half of the O’s 24 wins have come in games that they trailed at some point. Naturally, I wondered how the 1966 team fared in terms of comeback victories.

The 1966 Orioles had 43 comeback wins among their 97 total victories. Ten of those comebacks came via walk-offs.

Unlike the 2016 Orioles, who have made a habit of giving up runs early, the ’66 team was pretty consistent across the board in terms of runs allowed. However, the lineup was most potent in the first inning.

The 1966 Orioles scored in the first inning of 60 different games. They scored 118 first-inning runs altogether for an average of 0.74. The next-highest total was the 93 runs they scored in the fifth inning of games for an average of 0.58.

Fittingly, the Orioles started Game 1 of the 1966 World Series by scoring three first-inning runs on home runs by Brooks Robinson and Frank Robinson.

The moral of the story is that you needed to leave early for Memorial Stadium in 1966 if you wanted to be sure to catch all the action.



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