Mark Trumbo Could Put the Orioles in Rare Company for Home Runs

The Baltimore Orioles could become only the third franchise to claim three different players with 50-homer seasons.*

Mark Trumbo

Photo credit: Norm Schimmel

Mark Trumbo enters the All Star break leading the majors  with 28 home runs in 87 games. He’s on pace to eclipse 50 homers and could challenge Chris Davis’ single-season team record of 53 home runs. For those doing early scoreboard watching, Davis had 32 home runs after 87 games in 2013 and hit his 33rd long ball in the team’s 88th game.

Should Trumbo manage to hit 50 home runs, the Orioles would join the New York Yankees and the New York/San Francisco Giants as the third franchise to have three or more different players with 50-homer seasons.

Babe Ruth (1920 and 1928) and Mickey Mantle did it twice for the Yankees (1956 and 1961). They are joined by Roger Maris (1961) and Alex Rodriguez (2007) in the Yankees’ quartet.

Johnny Mize (1947) and Willie Mays (1955) hit 50 home runs for the New York Giants. Mays did it again for the Giants, this time in San Francisco, in 1965 and was joined by Barry Bonds, with his record 73 home runs, in 2001.

Trumbo would join Davis from 2013 and Brady Anderson, who hit 50 in 1996.


*Special thanks to Sam Angell for correcting an error in my original post that overlooked seasons prior to 1954.


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